Wisdom Teeth Removal Roseville

The molars at the very back of your mouth are the wisdom teeth. They appear in your late teens or twenties. Often times, there isn’t enough space for these teeth to sprout, which leads to them being impacted. Other times, wisdom tooth can cause misalign the teeth in front of it. In these cases, the wisdom teeth are often removed. Impacted teeth can cause pain, tenderness, and swelling, they can often be a lead point for infections, gum diseases, and tooth decay.

In most cases, dentists recommend that you get your troublesome wisdom teeth removed as soon as possible, because they heal faster and are easier to remove before they have fully formed their roots in the bone, in the gum.

At Dental Specialists of Roseville, if you come in with a bothersome wisdom tooth, first we take an X-ray image of the tooth, prior to deciding whether it needs to be extracted or not. If your dentist decides that extraction is the best course of action, we will recommend that you schedule an appointment as soon as possible.
At our practice, we give utmost importance to patient satisfaction and work tirelessly to ensure minimum recovery time and least discomfort. At your extraction, we give you an option for sedation, if you are anxious. However, in most cases, the procedure can be easily performed under local anesthesia.

Once the tooth is extracted you will begin to heal almost immediately. However, the healing time may vary from person to person. At our practice, we will provide you with all the necessary information that you may require for a speedy, painless recovery.