TMJ Roseville

TMD or TMJ disorders can often be a very painful problem. Untreated TMJ disorders can cause progressive pain and discomfort. The temporal-mandibular joint is the spot where your jaw meets the head, it is located right in front of your ears. If something goes wrong with this joint or the anatomical structures involving this area, you can develop TMJ disorders. TMJ disorders can present in a variety of different ways, such as; dizziness, tinnitus, hearing problems, painful jaw movement, audible click or popping on jaw movement, toothaches, swelling, and locking of the jaw.

TMJ disorders can be very bothersome, they can have a variety of underlying causes. In most cases, TMJ disorders are caused by teeth grinding, trauma to the joint, misaligned teeth, or arthritis.

If you are suffering from any of the above-stated symptoms, then you might have a TMD that should be looked at by a skilled dentist. At our practice, at Dental Specialists of Roseville, we perform thorough examinations to identify a TMJ disorder. In the case of positive diagnosis, we offer you a variety of options that are tailored for your specific disorder. Your options may involve replacement of missing teeth, alignment of your teeth, wearing mouth guard or splints. In very severe cases, we may also recommend surgery. However, the very first step to getting a relief is to make an appointment with your dentist. We, at dental specialists of Roseville, provide our patients with professional and comfortable care.