Orthodontics Roseville

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Orthodontics Roseville

Orthodontic treatments are used to straighten any crooked, misaligned or out of place teeth. These treatments can help you obtain the picture perfect smile you have always been longing for. Orthodontic treatments can help beautify a smile, act as a great confidence booster and in some cases help improve speech and bite function! Adjusting misaligned or crooked teeth at our Roseville Dental Practice is easy to do. Our dentist are also happy to help you understand how to maintain strong oral health in between visits.


Braces consists of three fragments that include:
  • Brackets: These are the small brackets seen attached to the surface of each tooth.
  • Bonding or band: This dental grade adhesive acts as a "glue" to fasten each dental brackets to each tooth.
  • Archwire: A very fine thin metal line that connects one bracket to the next.
  • Modern technology has now allowed braces to be applied more than one way. Braces can now be discreetly applied to the back of crooked teeth or can be hidden with implementation of clear brackets or with the use of custom made clear removable braces. These options are perfect for individuals who wish avoid experiencing any embracement of wearing metal braces over the face of their frontal teeth.


    At Dental Specialists of Roseville, we also offer custom made removable retainers. These are utilized to keep the teeth in their straightened position once braces have been removed. Retainers can also be used to manage other minor orthodontic issues as well.

    Orthodontic Care

    It is essential to take proper care of your orthodontic appliances. In order to maintain a strong and healthy smile, you must keep up with your morning and night oral hygiene routine. Flossing, and brushing should still be done regularly. Braces may require a bit of time to get used to. Flossing will feel different. With the help of interdental brushes and even a Waterpik you can eliminate food particles that get caught between braces and teeth. Strong oral hygiene habits are key steps in maintaining optimal oral health.

    Our Dental Specialist in Roseville may also recommend a few diet restrictions once braces are applied. These diet restriction are recommended for the sole purpose of preventing the accumulation of plaque in hard to reach places. Regular dental visits are also highly recommended to maintain the tightness of braces as teeth adjust into place and to ensure your smile is adjusting correctly.