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  • I love the Associates Dental Specialist of Roseville they make us feel like family & are so nice . I especially like that the ladies wear Giant's Shirts. Go GIANT'S!!!
  • I am very HAPPY with how awesome they are about scheduling my appointments after my daughter gets out of school .
  • I look for professionalism and Dr.Nollie is an expert and her staff is awesome. Kim who runs her appointments and accounts receivable is the first person you meet and sets the tone for the whole office. She's a keeper I hope they take good care of her!! Because you want a person like Kim running your front desk
    Seth B.

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Looking for a way to straighten or align your smile? Our orthodontic treatments and appliances can help you get the picture perfect smile you've always wanted.

We can transform your smile with traditional braces, Invisalign, and even retainers if needed. Stop by our Roseville Dental Practice for an orthodontic consultation. Our dentist will be happy to recommend the best orthodontic treatment to transform your smile and help you maintain a healthy smile in between your regular visits.

An endodontic treatment is commonly know as a root canal. This treatment is used to treat severely damaged or infected teeth.

This treatment can be done over the course of two separate office visits. Most patients fear that this procedure will be painful, Our Roseville practice wants patients to feel comfortable and relaxed knowing that this procedure is done under local anesthesia. Our Dental Specialists in Roseville keep the practice modern by using modern techniques and the latest in dental technologies to ensure your treatments can be as pain free as possible. This makes procedures that were once painful and scary now a breeze to get through.

Periodontal Disease is a preventable inflammatory disease that effects the gums and jaw structure of your mouth.

Should you notice signs of any stage of periodontal disease, seek help quick. Periodontal disease can escalate from bad to worse in the matter of a few days. Signs of inflamed, red, or bleeding gums, pain in gums, or the sensation of a severe toothache should not be ignored. Our Dental Specialists in Roseville are well experienced in treating all stages of periodontitis and are happy to rid your mouth of any infected tissue as well as help you restore your smile's bite and function should you happen to suffer from severe damage such as tooth loss.

Our Roseville Dental Specialists are here to help you with restoring your smiles appearance as well as bite function.

The most common oral surgeries include dental implants. Full dental implants consists of an artificial tooth root that is surgically implanted into the jaw and then capped off with the help of a custom made dental crown or bridge. Our Dental Specialists in Roseville will examine your jaw and mouth to determine if you are a good candidate for these types of procedures. Other oral surgeries can include restoring the mouth from teeth affected by disease such as late stages of periodontitis. Oral surgeries can help replace a few missing teeth as well as restore an entire smile's set of teeth if needed.

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